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MIFA Studios, AKA The Magpie, AKA TriggerDonkey is a YouTuber that makes gameplay videos and trailers. He is focused on and Minecraft as of December 2019, but is still looking for more games that interest him. He is an anonymous YouTuber, as he has only ever revealed his voice. He is estimated to be about 10 - 14 years old, but nobody really knows. He is very secretive about where he lives, but he accidentally leaked that he was in the East Coast. He does a lot of collabs with Vanceagher, and he said in a recent post on Instagram, "I am doing another collab with a different YouTuber..." But he removed the post about 20 mins after he posted it, on December 2nd, 2019.

His Instagram is mifastudios_yt.

He is MifaStudios on Minecraft, and TriggerDonkey on Krunker. If you ever see him in a the same game as you, tell him "From Fandom" for a free VIP role on Discord. Join the fan Discord here: ___________

He plays on the Minecraft server HoaxMC with famous YouTubers Jelly, Slogoman, and Crainer, and you can join them with the ip In terms of Krunker, he plays on the New York and Miami servers. He also owns a Krunker clan along with Vanceagher called COMZ. You can join if you are higher than lv. 15! Join the COMZ Discord here: __________________

In terms of his YouTube channel, he does not upload often, and he said in an Instagram post ¨I would prefer to try and upload weekly, if I can get around to doing it."

>He is actually looking to hire a professional editor that checks their emails often, and knows how to use things like Premiere Pro and Final Cut. He would also prefer to have them to finish editing 3 days after the video is sent. MIFA will pay $20 a video. If you are interested, please email
Also, he has a rival on YT. Mifa's Studio. If you search up Mifa Studios, they would be the first. Please subscribe to MIFA Studios so he can be number 1!

Also, if you are wondering what MIFA means, it's actually an acronym. He is not revealing what it stands for until 1 mill subscribers. PLZ SUBSCRIBE

The last 2 paragraphs were written by MIFA Studios himself.

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